Why Sell DVDs?

Almost every customer in your stores is a potential DVD customer.
As of 2007 81.2 percent of all US households had DVD players*. With 90 million units a year being added to the market**. That doesn’t include gaming and blu-ray systems which also play DVDs, as well as the recent proliferation of in-car DVD players.
*Nielson **In-Stat

In recessionary times, the home entertainment business always improves as consumers spend less money going out, and look for an inexpensive entertainment alternative at home. Discounted DVDs are the perfect product for this environment.

DVDs at these price points are an impulse purchase. DVDs still have a high perceived value to the consumer, thus, a recognizable movie at an aggressive price point becomes an impulse purchase. There is a reason why the big-box retailers of all kinds have added DVDs to their checkout areas. You can capture part of this market as well. When you can offer similar or better product at the same or cheaper price-points than the “big guys”– your customer will not hesitate to buy from you, especially once they are already in your store. The success of our program proves this point!

High margin and high turn from a small retail footprint. Need we say more?