The Product

Not all DVDs are created equal.

As the DVD assortment business is essentially based on closeouts and opportunity buys, selecting the right product is the key to success. Based on our years of experience in both the retail and distribution of video content, we know which titles are winners, and more importantly, which ones are losers. We only buy what we know our customers will be able to sell through. MediaMix avoids buying “take-all” deals where a large percentage of the product is inferior – this insures we are never forced to put inferior product on our customer’s shelves.

We have stock on over 1000 different titles at any given time, covering all possible genres including: Action, Drama, Classics, Children’s, Horror, Comedy, Urban, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Comedy, Documentaries, Holiday, Religious, Martial Arts and Spanish Language.

Many of the titles included in our assortments are special editions, multi-packs and boxed sets. Rather than watering down our assortments with B movies or public domain films, we “water up” our assortments with higher value product.

For retailers, it’s all about product turn and maximizing profit per square foot – we understand that and we give you the best possible product mix to make it happen.

*All the titles shown are currently part of the product mix. We can’t guarantee that these titles will always be included, but we can guarantee that the product mix will always be as good, if not better!