The Value Program

A focus on low maintenance and maximum sell-through for our retail partners

      No Hassle.

      You only need to track and reorder one sku and we’ll do the rest. The merchandise will come pre-tagged with a UPC code and price sticker.

      The best assortment of titles available anywhere - Customized to your needs.

      We have used our years of product experience to create the propriety MixMakerTM software system; A sophisticated computer program which will customize assortments based on the demographics of each individual store location

      Nothing is pre-packed. When your PO is placed, MixMakerTM will create a custom assortment for your stores based on location demographics, previous title-specific sales history and store specific on-hand inventory data.

      Our proven philosophy is - variety sells. Your assortments will contain a wide variety of titles across all genres and will never be overloaded with specific titles. Since there is something for everyone, this ensures that your customer can find something to their liking.

      You will always get the best product available for the specific location
      = maximum sell through.

      Display rack included with your opening order

      See our various choices of display racks to fit in any location. All high quality, solid construction – meant to last for years, not weeks - Ensuring the goods and your stores always look good.
      = maximum sell through.

      Click here for display options.

      Guaranteed sale. No risk.

      We stand by our product selections. If it doesn’t sell at your location, we’ll take it back. In fact, we insist on taking it back. Once we learn what isn’t selling through for you, we can avoid those titles and similar ones when sending you new replenishments.
      = maximum sell through.

      If for some reason the program is not meeting your sales requirements, which has happened on a few rare occasions - simply return any product remaining along with the display. Pay the difference; and we’re done. You will never be stuck with unwanted merchandise.

      Periodic full product “Refresh”

      If your sales rate starts to slow, we’ll clear the rack of existing merchandise which might be getting stale and send a full reorder so product is always “fresh.” Once again, our system will also learn more about what does and doesn’t work in your stores, when the return is processed.
      = maximum sell through

      Inventory scans by title*

      We’ll send our merchandisers to your location(s) to take a title specific inventory. Your on-hand will be loaded into our software system – so we can be sure to send you more of what’s selling. We’ve taken title management to a new level.
      = maximum sell-through (did we mention that already?)
      *only available in regions where we have merchandiser coverage

      Program Options:

      Standard DVD Value Program - $6.99 SRP

      A customized assortment of our top selling DVDs based on demographic research and a constant refinement of the product offering.

      Children's DVD Value Program - $5.99 SRP

      A customized assortment of our top selling Children's DVDs based on demographic research and a constant refinement of the product offering.

      Scan Based Trading / Pay on Scan Program

      Scan based trading programs are available if your company meets certain requirements. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about our Scan Based offerings.